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Tesvor S6 Turbo Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop With Laser Navigation 4000Pa

Tesvor S6 Turbo Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop With Laser Navigation 4000Pa

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Tesvor S6 Turbo Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop With Laser Navigation 4000Pa. Get your daily dry and wet floor cleaning done in the office, home or commercial space with this robot Vacuum Cleaner

The reliable, super-efficient companion for your clean home life; this robot vacuum cleaner is designed to give you a clean home, every day. It is equipped with high-quality laser technology, 4000PA high-powered suction, and a 2-in-1 design that gives you the most reliable wiping function. You can control it via your smartphone or tablet.

A robot with high-quality laser technology
The new sensor and laser technology ensure crashes of stairs or obstacle collisions are a thing of the past. These problems are finally eliminated with this robot vacuum cleaner.

AI laser technology = precision
The 360-degree scan guarantees absolutely accurate distance measurement with a high-precision representation of your home environment. this robot vacuum cleaner softens all obstacles and draws exactly a map of the rooms to be cleaned. A state-of-the-art technically advanced LiDAR laser navigation system scans the room environment systematically and absolutely accurately in real-time. Then the cleaning of your floors starts with unique precision; combined with a 4,000 PA strong suction power and an extremely long battery life (5,200 mAh high-performance battery). Ideal for large rooms, workshops and shops.

Edge cleaning automatically? Of course!
The optimal cleaning improvement makes this robot vacuum cleaner fully automatic. It not only cleans the surfaces precisely; it also automatically cleans all edge areas. The slim design allows you to clean underneath extremely low furniture. The laser tower height is to be considered. Ideal for smooth floors, the S6 Turbo also "climbs" over low-pile carpets and sucks them with the highest precision. Dust and dirt, and also pet hair is no problem for the S6 Turbo and the multiple HEPA filters ensure purified exhaust air.

2 in 1 = with the most reliable wiping function
Both at the same time, you no longer need the water tank "on and off". Vacuuming is done, you can now wipe it immediately. No need to constantly replace the dust box and the water box anymore. The hybrid box of the S6 Turbo makes this possible! The water dosage can be adjusted according to your wishes and thus the water application adapts individually to the ground conditions and even cleaning is guaranteed. Always a clean result. With the new Tesvor  S6 Turbo robot vacuum cleaner innovation technology. Both types of cleaning are possible at the same time.

How to clean:
After the room has been scanned, the outer edges are first cleaned and then the robot moves in S-shaped waves from one side to the other. This makes it work significantly more efficient and faster than other comparable models. Spot cleaning is also possible. The S6 Turbo can be set at a selected point and cleaned in an outward spiral. After approx. 120 seconds of intensive spot cleaning, this robot vacuum cleaner stops automatically and the designated surface is cleaned.

Battery power pack for longer endurance
5200 mAh power capacity ensures more endurance of this robot vacuum cleaner compared to other comparable vacuum robots. 150 minutes. in the "quiet" level; full 120 minutes. in normal mode and a full 80 minutes. in maximum power mode.

What effect does 4000PA bring?
Well, with the exceptionally strong suction power You can vacuum virtually everything away with the appropriate force level, i.e. from dust to coarse dirt This is really a strong performance

Pre-programmed cleaning
The surfaces to be cleaned can be pre-programmed in detail with the app. Only these surfaces are then cleaned. Thus, "no-go areas" can also be precisely determined and adjusted.

Start where it was stopped!
If the S6Turbo loses its cleaning power, it automatically returns to the charging station and replenishes power to continue cleaning where it was last to stop. This is an intelligent complete cleaning

Real-time space map.
With the free app you can clean the rooms and observe in real-time and after finishing the cleaning work also save for future cleaning work.

Complete cleaning!
Thanks to AI-laser technology combined with the S-wave-shaped way of cleaning, this robot vacuum cleaner cleans your home in detail and drives along the walls to complete it. The cleaning of the corners can of course be adjusted manually using the app.

Maximum climbing function.
this robot vacuum cleaner is designed for smooth floors and low-pile carpets. In addition, it "climbs" over heels, carpets or door thresholds up to 20 mm without any problems. This allows it to change from one room to another without interruption.

Easy control via smartphone
this robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with an app for iOS and Android, Alexa and Google Home. Cleaning work in real time you can control and observe from anywhere in the world. Planning + "No-Go areas" can be set up individually and the scheduling is, of course, standard. If the S6 Turbo loses cleaning power, it automatically returns to the charging station and refuels power there to continue cleaning again.

OTA's most innovative robot technology
Always be "up-to-date" OTA the firmware is of course simple. You can regularly keep your robot vacuum cleaner software up to date via your WiFi connection or via the mobile network. Before commissioning the S6Turbo, you should also make an "update" via the app.

This is a powerful robot vacuum and mop with a reasonable price tag. Enjoy a dust and pet hair-free house without having to clean daily manually.


  • Competitive shipping is offered across Australia
  • 1-year warranty
  • App control
  • The suction power is enormous with 4000 PA and thus exceeds the products of the competitors by far.
  • Obstacles are detected and stored. Nothing is left out. Unless you have a prohibition zone.
  • Laser SLAM + Gyroscope SLAM
  • Wifi App + Live map + App Control
  • 270 ml 2-1 big dust bin
  • 160ml 2-1 water tank
  • Max 4000 Pa Suction + 5200 mAh Battery
  • Alexa + Google Home Voice Control
  • OTA service

Technical details

  • Size : 33,0 x 33,0 x 10.1 cm
  • Weight : 4.0kg
  • Material : ABS &Glass
  • Color : White
  • Technology : Laser SLAM + Gyro SLAM
  • Dustbin Capacity : 270ml (2-1 dust box)
  • Water Tank Capacity : 160ml (2-1 dust box)
  • Battery Capacity : 5200 mAh (14,4 V / 25 W)
  • Rechargeable battery life (approx.) : 4-6 hours for full-charged can last 90 minutes
  • App : WEBACK
  • Voice Service : Amazon Alexa, Google Home
  • Voice assistance : Multi-Language Optional
  • Cleaning Mode : Smart Cleaning Mode
  • Cleaning Type : < 75 dB
  • Operating Noise : Smart Cleaning Mode


  • 1 Year Warranty
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Tesvor S6 Turbo Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop With Laser Navigation 4000PaV391-S6-TURBO
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